Between Buhari, APC and Daura, a hovering tale of lies and deceit

Further to the recent appointment of Director-General of the Department of State Security Service, documentary evidences and revelations-paperwork's, photographs have emerged after the All Progressives Congress publicly denied its alliance with the newly appointed Director-General of the Department of State Security Service, Mr. Lawal Musa Daura, by President Muhammadu Buhari. With all these evidences flying around, how else can the All Progressives Congress kill the established link and alliance between itself and it newly appointed crony.

I am reminded about the old joke - How do you tell when a salesman is lying, his lips move and he makes noise. With Nigerian politicians and political parties following in these objectionable footsteps, it has become almost accepted behaviour up to the time that they got caught. We are all familiar with Clinton's lies, made under oath, about Monica Lewinsky, which got him impeached. Nixon, of course resigned over the lies regarding Watergate.

As evidenced by the arrowheads at the All Progressives Congress, lying has become pervasive in the Nigerian life—but what happens when the falsehoods are perpetrated by ruling party and seemingly backed by the Aso Rock Office through its quietude over the matters contentiously raised? As the lies told by the party backed by our government become more and more intricate, they unknowingly begin to weave a tapestry of deception that creates problems far larger than those lied about in the first place.

What smacks of a distasteful approach to a moral superiority belief by the ruling party's lying cronies, is their seeming compromising commitment to democracy at home and abroad. All the internal rancour and impasse within the fabric of the ruling party make not just impossible, but paint a picture of a deluded and an unrealistic picture of the world they live in.

The irony of course is that those who are currently most vociferous about installing their kindreds parading the name 'democracy' in Nigeria, are the same cast of characters who bled the Jonathan administration dry and are with President Buhari leading the pack.

For Nigerians, these tales of lies and deceit raise more questions as to the integrity of the President, the All People's Congress and why the All Progressives Congress party can't seem to stop lying about the new secret police boss who is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress and not neutral? In fact the newly appointed Director General who was part of the election played a key role in the last elections. The un-integrity of the political party heavily rubs off on the President and vice-versa.

It is worthy of note that the newly appointed Director-General of the Department of State Security Service, Mr. Lawal Musa Daura, took over from Ita Ekpenyong, the outgone DG on disagreeable grounds which raise dusts of competence question and more importantly a lopsided appointment on the grounds nepotism.

Unfortunately for the outgone Director, President Buhari who through his paraphernalia of office wields excessive powers and he no doubt brought same to the fore through the announcement made in a terse statement issued by the Director Communications in the Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Alhaji Haruna Imrana, on behalf of the Head of Service, Mr. Danladi Kifasi.

The letter announcing Daura's appointment is notable not for what it announces, but not for what it does not reveal. Truth requires revelation of all the facts, not concealment by omission of that which would prejudice an understanding by control and manipulation.

In a tale of lies and deceit best relayed through Moshe Dayan 's Address to the Technion, Haifa, as quoted in Haaretz, 4-4-1969, "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because Geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either..."

Fortunately for the Nigerian nation, it keeps records, materials, pictures and classified documents unlike the Arab nation, some of which have surfaced and turning the tides of lies and deceit hovering over the All Progressives Congress.

More truthfully and based on what were seeming classified documents now all over the internet, these paperworks, photo opportunities-all materials that confirm that the new appointed Director-General of the Department of State Security Service, Mr. Lawal Musa Daura had close ties, was a card carrying member, worked for the All Progressives Congress party during the elections. The obvious and all-evident images tell more than a thousand words, thus further questioning the image and integrity of the ruling party.

In the words of Acting National Chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus, the Director of Security Service was an APC member; and would therefore not be fair to all political parties''

Lawal Musa Daura's appointment as the Director Security Service glaringly portends a large room for a seeming continued intimidation, harassment, hounding, arrest and detention of the opposition party, the Peoples democratic party members, thus not allowing for Justice, equity and fairly in a democratic dispensation saddled to bring the needed 'change', especially as evident in Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and other Peoples Democratic Party states.

Perceiving the reality, what seems obvious by the Director General's appointment is to use him rather as a means to gain eventual control of all the land and cleanse the land of its opposition to whatever extent possible. Put bluntly, as the chapters in Macmillan's book, The Plight of the Palestinians attests, this is what is termed in numerous chapters in this volume, "slow motion genocide" for the opposition party.

Going by the evidences flying around, the newly appointed Director seemed to have sold his soul and allegiance to his paymasters from the moment he took the oath, thus committing to a life of secrecy and hence of disloyalty and betrayal to Nigerians, those he is most likely to be intimate with in his day-to-day life.

Amidst this unfolding drama, neither their (Buhari, the All Progressives congress and Daura) actions nor their true identity is discernible to those with whom they interact regularly. This is a life that encapsulates the necessity of lies, deceit, coercion, extortion, and obedience to a group that dictates the actions one must pursue; freedom no longer exists, self-direction no longer exists, loyalty to ones nation above all else longer exists, indeed, true and healthy friendship with other political mates is seemingly compromised or impossible, as the weaker vessel becomes the subject of that group, thus making Nigeria a veritable slave to their desires and wills. The mindset that promotes such control allows for spying, for deception of friends, for ostracism in one's own community for thinking differently, for imprisonment without due process, for torture, even for extrajudicial executions. It is a total commitment to a cause that supersedes all others determined and dictated by an oligarchy in silence and subject to no legitimate institution and to no one.

Part of the appeal of this article comes from its non-partisanship. It is as tough on President Buhari as it is on the ruling party-All Progressives Congress. Nigeria deserves consistently- the truth at all times, as it has no patience to pardon politicians for ''noble lies'' in the name of a greater cause, e.g. national security. Or, of course, for the peoples' "own good."

"I cannot tell a lie." That's the signature line from a classic American story. When America's first president was asked as a boy if he had chopped down his father's cherry tree, he didn't say "I can neither confirm nor deny those reports," or "it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." George Washington told the truth even if it got him in trouble. The moral of the story -- Washington was a great leader because he would not lie, and Nigeria's founding political party for "change'' should be as honest as its flag-bearer Nigeria's founding fathers.

As the nation seems persuaded of the truth of the contention, the pool of thought provoking question on the lips of Nigerians is, would President Muhammadu Buhari, the moral compass and conscience of the All Progressives Congress and Nigeria, be caught in the web of lies and tales of deceit.

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