EMZOR: Offering unlimited wellness across Africa

In close to three decades, Emzor Pharmaceuticals Limited, a subsidiary of Emzor Chemists Limited, has continued to push the limits of innovation and premium service-delivery as a home-grown brand committed to the manufacturing of high quality pharmaceutical products and medical consumables.
Its holding company, Emzor Chemists Limited, formally opened its doors for retail business in January1977, at number 1 Fola Agoro Street, Abule- Ijesha, Yaba, Lagos.
Apart from being driven by the altruistic motive of seeing to it that the greatest number of Nigerians, nay Africans, enjoy endless wellness, the rapid growth of the company’s retail business propelled Emzor Chemists Limited to go into the importation and wholesale of assorted pharmaceuticals. Not long, however, the company felt a strong pull by manufacturing locally. This was the direct result of the need to develop local capability, create jobs and provide high quality pharmaceutical products and services to the Nigerian people at prices that won’t put holes in their pockets.
Emzor Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited began pilot production in the year 1985. Three years later, it had etched its name in the consciousness of the Nigerian public as an esteemed pharmaceutical manufacturing company,especially with the introduction of its flagship brand, Emzor Paracetamol, which has grown to become the largest selling brand of paracetamol in the country and is positioned as ‘our nation’s pain killer’.
From its humble beginning, when it had only four products on its stable, in 1987, Emzor now manufactures a large range of over 100 products at prices that offer unmistakable value. Without a doubt, the company has, today, become a household name in Nigeria and parts of Africa like Liberia and Sierra-Leone.
With the vision “to be the leading healthcare company in Africa through the provision of world-class products and services”, Emzor has, indeed, given a credible account of itself. And to give even more credence to this is the company’s altruistic philosophy called WELLOCRACY, which is hinged on seeing ‘a world where unlimited wellness is available to all and affordable by all’. In the words of the Founder/CEO, Emzor Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dr. Stella Okoli, “A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. This is our gift to our people, our nation and our world.” Explaining why Emzor holds the principle of WELLOCRACY so dear, Dr. Okoli said: “Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. But, where will the people be without wellness? So, we reasoned that with Wellocracy, we can extend unlimited wellness to everyone all over Nigeria and indeed Africa. This way, when the people are well, they are in the best of shapes to nurture democracy.”
This, perhaps, compelled the company to prove this point, in practical terms, by unveiling a few mo0nths ago, its brand icon called ‘MAXWELL, the Wellocrat’. With this eventful step, it is expected that wherever the image of the icon is present, there will also be ‘maximum wellness’.
Determined to take the campaign of wellness into even more significant turfs, Emzor recently signed a deal with the Nigeria Football Federation which saw its flagship brand, Emzor Paracetamol, emerge as ‘the official paracetamol of the Super Eagles’. Perhaps the only pharmaceutical company to be so closely associated with the game of football in recent memory, Emzor has, through this gesture, struck the bull’s eye, for the timeliness and relevance of the endorsement of the national football team, at a time our ‘boys’ were flying the nation’s flag at the World Cup tournament in Brazil.
According to Dr. Okoli ‘the game of football emphasises wellness and is loved with a passion by all Nigerians. In much the same way, Emzor Pharmaceuticals has been trusted and tested by the young and old, for decades and as a company, we place a huge premium on maximum wellness.’
For its commitment to quality and premium service-delivery, Emzor has earned robust recognition and won numerous awards, notable among which is ‘Best Indigenous (Nigeria) Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Board of Fellows of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria).
On how Emzor is positioned to cope with and, indeed, surmount the challenges of the ever-mounting pharmaceutical needs of the teeming Nigerian and, indeed, African population, the company’s Executive Director, General Duties/Finance, Mrs. Uzoma Ezeoke says: “At Emzor, we have about 100 brands, including OTC medicines, prescription only medicines (POM ), as well as hospital equipment and consumables. Our installed capacity is the largest in the country. All Emzor products are approved and licenced by the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Emzor obtained the ISO certification in 2009 and upgraded to the higher quality standard of ISO 9001: 2008 in 2010. Furthermore, we are expanding capacity to meet the ever-increasing demand of our people for Emzor brands of pharmaceutical products.” For a home-grown company focused on the rather testy terrain called manufacturing, Emzor has remained undaunted for 25 uninterrupted years. How has the company been able to weather the storms these past years? Dr. Stella Okoli gives ample clarity on this: “There are many things that motivate people and people make decisions for different reasons. If the only things motivating us are profit and money, we won’t be here today. People are divesting because the Nigerian environment is not conducive. And if you have an indigenous enterprise, it depends on how the Nigerian entrepreneur sees life.’’
Speaking further on her company’s staying power, Okoli identifies optimism and love of country as motivating factors: ‘’This is our country and I believe it will be better. I am an incurable optimist and also because that’s the future. Yes, the future is manufacturing, productivity, employment, getting people to know that they can do it. I’ll tell you that that’s where the future is. The reason why Emzor is very important to all of us, out there, is because of the fact that in spite of the challenges, we have kept trudging on.’’

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