Segun Odegbami

How Amaju Pinnick’s Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) deliberately sabotaged Odegbami’s FIFA Presidency Bid.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) President , Amaju Pinnick and his ilk ,who deliberately sabotaged Odegbami’s FIFA Presidency Bid must be very happy now!! No wonder why some concerned Nigerians get disillusioned about this country!! Such a shame really!!
If you are wondering why ex-Green Eagles captain, Chief Segun Odegbami did not get listed as one of FIFA Presidential candidate, these are the reasons why:

Chief Odegbami announced his intention to seek the FIFA Presidency on September 1, 2015, notified the Amaju Pinnock-led Nigeria Football Federation, NFF and sought endorsement from them.
Since then, the NFF had been trying to block him, for no apparent reason, from representing Nigeria and

Africa in contesting the FIFA Presidency, putting all sorts of blockage in his way.
Meanwhile he approached the NFF, urging them to make up their minds before the deadline for the submission of the candidate’s intention on Monday 26th October 2015.

He also visited some African countries to seek their backing, as his intention needs to be backed by any 5 countries in the world. Ghana, Togo and Benin were ready to support his bid, but of course, he needed to be endorsed by his home country’s football federation, NFF, first.

Then suddenly, Nigerians suspect after bending to popular opinion, the NFF, on Friday, 24th October, 2015 announced that they have endorsed Chief Odegbami over ex-Governor Orji Kalu to contest for the FIFA Presidency.

However, the NFF only gave their letter of endorsement to Chief Odegbami at 2 pm on Monday 26th October 2015, the same/last day of the deadline for submission to FIFA Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, knowing it will almost be impossible to submit his letter of intention, with the 5-country endorsement the same day. Very clever and diabolical!!!

The NFF delayed Odegbami deliberately.

That was the whole idea – to delay his submission but to still let people think they have done their bit. Meanwhile, the Liberian candidate was able to put in his bid same day. But we Nigerians never recognize open doors and opportunities; rather we take delight in sabotaging and short-changing ourselves because of envy, fear of success and outright hatred.
Seeing that Chief Odegbami’s bid did not go through after all his hard work, blame it on Amaju Pinnick’s NFF.It is a huge Shame!

It is difficult to see this, to experience what Big Seg has just experienced, and not feel discouraged about "Project Nigeria" to be honest. Shame!

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