McEva Temofe :I Would’ve Loved to Be a Sniper

McEva Temofe, is the Chief Executive Officer of PurpleHundred-a-McEva Media Company, a fast rising concern in the media and communication industry. He is also passionate about the less privileged and youth development across Africa. In this interview with Senator Iroegbu, he talks about the recognising and rewarding hidden talents across Africa through AEMA annual awards. Above all, if not for his foray into the media and service to the people, this enigma would have loved to be a sniper because he insists that the rid the world of bad people. Excerpts………
Can you tell us some of the projects you have handled in the past?
I am a professional media consultant and my career started way back in 2008while organising events for the corporate bodies, media consultancy in a smaller form.
Afterwards, I ventured into radio and I started doing radio voice over, anchoring shows as well and that was how my careers started. However, I got my first 8-6pm corporate job with RAJ communications at an early age, which is a media and communication outfit where I was the Creative Director and since then, it has never stopped. I have actually been in the media and my big break ever was when I started running my own media outfit, which is a PurpleHundred-a-McEva Media Company .I started with a strong content, which is e30radio,an independent radio station hat cuts across Africa and some part of Europe. It was a strong content and also a strong project for me and still, the radio has done quite well and I am proud to be the founder and also the pioneer behind e30radio. I have a strong team that also worked with me on e30radio and since then, I have been consulting for states, federal government and corporate organizations as the media consultant and so far he journey has been fantastic. PurpleHundred-a-McEva Media Company has also birthed different positive productive contents.
Can you give us a little peep into your world, what was growing up like?
Well, I had a very funny secondary school experience where I went to four different schools but it was amazing experience when I was in African Church School. After then, I went to South Africa to study and then to Kenya to study radio as well. After these journeys, I came back to Nigeria where I did a little bit in radio; did some radio practices but went back to school, Espam Formation University as a mass communication graduate.
Since then it has actually been great and pushing my career forward and the most interesting thing is when you are consulting for people who are also core professionals, you get a lot of challenges but at the end of the day, you bring in more ideas and create more new things that is not in vogue. Also you make it new like the involvement of technology and I haven’t stopped there, but still breaking out of the norm. When I was very young, my father was a Chartered Accountant and I admired him anytime he comes back from work that is around 5:30pm. I admired him in the suit and dreamt of being an accountant but at the end of the day my idea towards life and work changed and I thought I would like to be a pilot because I love flying but being a pilot definitely brings different things to the table and I was like “for me to become a pilot No, it’s tasking and I won’t have time for my family” and I said let me drop it. What do I have passion for, what do I love seeing, what I love doing and I realised the media and its quite broad; I love been creative at anything I do and everyone that has worked with me can testify to this and I create things a lot when it comes to content for TV, radio or for events and I thought about it that I would like to concentrate to becoming a media professional. To cap it up, I have written about six books and one is about to be published so far. So, I eventually ended been a media person, which I am proud to be and I won’t stop because this is what I have chosen as an adult. You know when you are a child, you think like a child and when you are an adult you know this is what best fits you; but sometimes in life if someone says I should choose another career I think I would like to become a sniper because there are a lot of negative people all over the world. And I think snipers should be well respected because they sanitise the society and also I love charity work and it’s a great work though been a sniper.
Do you have any project you are currently doing or projects you would want to do?
Right now, I am actually the Director of Media and Publicity for MALLPAI Foundation, which is actually concerned about the less privileged, and has actually done a whole lot for people in the grassroots which is founded by her Excellency Hajia Aisha Atiku Bagudu and I am on the board of trustee. Right now I have ventured with my team, a strong media and young brilliant minds that are willing to give their bet to make sure that this project becomes a reality.
That is African Economic Merit Awards, which is the project of PurpleHundred-a McEva Media Company is embarking on right now, is a project that cuts across Africa(AEMA)and geared towards helping people in the grassroots, touching lives, tapping into the pool of talents among people that haven’t gotten the opportunity to showcase that they have to the society. We are also giving out awards to credible that have actually done well in business, entertainment and giving back to the society; and we have strong people that are willing and coming to be part of us. For example I spoke with the Emir of Kano, His Royal Highness, Sanusi Lamidoas one of our patrons and he acknowledged it as an amazing project and this is a project that would actually touch lives. For Sanusi Lamido to actually give credit to such a project, I think it’s an amazing thing.
Therefore I and my team know that we are not embarking on the right project. And again I thought of someone outside Nigeria as well named Chris Kirubi, a successful credible businessman in Kenya that also touched lives around Africa and he is willing to be part of African Economic Merit Awards. Chris Kirubi is a man that is willing to contribute his quota and also guide us towards achieving our goal in Africa Economic Merit Awards and that’s the project we are embarking on right now.
What informed your choices of those two personalities or are they the only ones you are bringing on board?
They are not the only ones we are bringing on board but we want a credible grand patron. Now one of our patrons, the Emir of Kano and former CBN Governor, Sanusi is someone that has done so much and protected the economy of Nigeria. He (Sanusi) has given back a lot to the society, you and I know that someone like that with a strong and good reputation is credible enough to be our patron and Chris Kirubi is someone that has added value in the growth of African Economy, not just Africa but Kenya as well.Some Africans in the Diaspora have also benefited from him in employment and other areas, as this credible man has given back to the society. For such people to be party of African Economy Merit Awards, is such a plus that whoever wants to receive such credible award must have a very credible record. We are not just awarding business and entertainment people, we are awarding unrecognised founders of NGOs that have done so well in grassroots development by adding value to lives and making sure that Africans become greater people in the society.

What impacts would this award have?
African Economic Merit Awards would change lives from the top to the bottom; from the first class to the lower class. Why did I say this? Because the people at the lower class have something to look up to. Forinstance, I would talk about chairman of Econet, Strive Misiyiwa has actually done so well where he has encouragedthe youth and encouraged women to push out their work so that people can see their work and know they have somebody to look up to. Our Advisory Committee Members are made up of credible personalities around Africa, they would do background check on reputation of submitted profiles.
How soon are we expecting award?
African Economic Merit Awards is going through branding process right now and we have done necessary things and we doing our homework effectively. The awards is meant to come up on December 2nd and 3rd, 2016.
Since you are in this age bracket as well as doing a lot in this area, what do you think is the place of youths in Nigeria?
It’s a two way thing; Nigeria youth, we are there and we are not. Why did I say this? It is high time all educated Nigerian youth take responsibility of adding value to life within their community and high time we get ourselves educated to educate. There is something I want Nigerian youth to know, that you can remove someone from povertyand if you can get someone educated you have saved generations and if we can take that task ahead of us to actually impact in the communities we are from, no matter how little it is. For instance I am also doing community impartation.
The last time I went out I gave out about 20,000 notebooks to schools and I could see the appreciation .I went to a village, I was able to touch lives by netting up houses so that mosquito bite won’t affect them and contributing my own quota. Its high Nigerian youth take responsibility in their hands and give back to the society. Now, don’t wait for anybody, you are the politician, you are the economist, do whatever you have to do to make sure that everywhere you are, everywhere you go becomes a better place where we would have a better world. Be afunctional leader and not a positional leader.
With the way things are going can a youth ever be president of Nigeria?
Right now I think it’s the mindset of an individual that determines what he/she becomes. If you look at the last general election in Nigeria, most participants were youth and they decided whom the president is. This is exactly what the youth wanted and it was gotten. Some Nigerian youth are brilliant entrepreneurs and are recognised as one of the best around the globe and we believe in hard work ends in positive reward. A youth as Nigeria’s president, the orientation is changing because I believe in the nearest future, from 5 to 10 years, Nigeria would produce a youth of 35-40 at the very top level in government and in every sector of the economy.
Further advice to the youth in general, African youth?
My advice really for the youth is whatever you are doing in life, stick to Godly principles, and never compromise your standards. Believe in what you are doing because it might take long but it will come out the best. If you can stand times of trial, you will sustain your wealth, you will sustain your family and generations would be sustained because whatever you are doing, you are putting yourself to self-training. So, believe in what you are doing, give it your best and never allow or believe someone is enslaving you. When you are going through anything that has to do with practice and taking responsibility in your hands, believe me, what you have learnt in that process, will impact generations because you first have to be able to learn to teach for others to learn and teach.

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