Muyiwa Kayode

Muyiwa Kayode’s Adventures Of Turtle Taido Now Showing On LTV, STV AND TVC

The first proudly Nigerian animated cartoon to hit our television screens has now extended to more television networks!
Children (and adults alike) can now enjoy the series on Lagos Television, Every Saturday at 7am and Tuesday at 5.30pm; Silverbird Television, Every Tuesday at 3.30pm and TV Continental, Every Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm.
According to the Creator and Executive Producer, Muyiwa Kayode, “This is aimed at bringing the series to as many Nigerian Kids as possible, because we want all Nigerian kids, wherever they are in the country, to be able to watch and enjoy this series while learning a lot about their country Nigeria”.
Turtle Taido is a super powered bubbly turtle who goes on an adventure to different cities across Nigeria. In the process, he makes friends and learns a lot about places, people, cultures and animals. Kids laugh, learn and dance with Taido. They learn about their country and its diverse cultures. They also learn about animals and places.
The series is produced by a team made up of people in Nigeria as well as in Europe and America.

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