Nigeria promises solar power revolution in one year,Say osinbajo

Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has promised a solar power revolution in Nigeria in the next one year, reports said on Saturday.Osinbajo made the promise after inspecting Solar power stands mounted at a Trade Fair by the Department of International Development (DFID) as a follow up to the agreement signed between Nigeria and the UK for massive solar power in Nigeria.
According to him, Nigeria will no longer watch as millions of its citizens, especially the rural poor, find it difficult to access electricity.
This is the time to jump in and we are all set to do that. We are really excited to be here and I am sure that in the next one year when you hear about us it will be quite a story to tell.
The vice president described the trade fair as “really inspirational for us when we look at the share enormity of what we have to deal with.
He said that no fewer than 96 million homes in the country required power.
I am speaking of Nigeria alone and they have no access to power at the moment. I just have to look in round again and see what is possible. I think we really have to go and go very quickly.
I think that every day means that we actually can do cheaper solar power and the technology appears to be getting better by the minute; we can’t afford to wait until it is cheaper,” he added.

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