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Footballs Top 20 Most wealthiest Clubs
Real Madrid tops annual list of the world's most valuable teams for the third consecutive year…
The list of the world’s richest football clubs sees Real Madrid top the table for the third year running, with revenue of £2.13billion. Following Real are arch rivals Barcelona with £2.07billion. Man United are in third with £2.03bn.
There are five Premier League sides in the top ten, with Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool (in that order) joining United. Italy have two representatives in the form of Juve and Milan, but only at 9 and 10 respectively. The richest English clubs after the big “five” are the trio of Spurs, Newcastle and West Ham, all of whom find spots in the top 20. Bayern are the only German club in the top 10.

1. Real Madrid $3.26 bn (£2.14bn)
2. Barcelona $3.16 bn (£2.07bn)
3. Manchester United $3.10 bn (£2.03bn)
4. Bayern Munich $2.35bn (£1.5bn)
5. Manchester City $1.38bn (£906m)
6. Chelsea $1.37bn (£899m)
7. Arsenal $1.31bn (£860m)
8. Liverpool $982m (£644m)
9. Juventus $837m (£549m)
10. AC Milan $775m (£509m)
11. Borussia Dortmund $700m (£459m)
12. Paris St-Germain $634bn (£416m)
13. Tottenham $600m (£393m)
14. Schalke 04 $572m (£375m)
15. Inter Milan $439m (£288m)
16. Atletico Madrid $436m (£286m)
17. Napoli $353m (£231m)
18. Newcastle $349m (£229m)
19. West Ham $309m (£202m)
20. Galatasaray $294m (£192m)

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