We are custodians responsible for increasing the value of our clients’ brands

Akin Adelegan is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Advertange Media Limited, a Lagos-based frontline specialist media agency in general branding services, with a strong bias for out-of-home advertising, management and consultancy services. On a one-on-one meeting with the amiable corporate guru, he comes across as a simple and down-to earth business man with an eye for excellence and professional integrity. In this exclusive interview with Bnlpulse, he rolls out his company’s achievements, success story, and proposed “jaw-breaking” innovation to be reeled out soon.
The man Akin Adelegan.....
I am a graduate of Business Administration and a registered member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), and an Associate Member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN). I also studied advertising at The Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba. I have worked with Benjamin Black & Co Ltd, a pioneer company that has majored in electronic billboards for over fifteen years. I started off with my brother, Mr Dapo Adelegan, as the Chief Operating Officer at the Cellcom Group. There we launched the series of electronic billboards, especially the Ultra-Vision, which was used during the Lekki Sunsplash. The series of electronic billboards is remarkably the first of its kind that was pioneered in Nigeria fifteen years ago. It is also worthy of note that the company has for over twenty years now majored in electronic billboards. And so working with my brother, doing the fieldwork, gave me the needed foundation I needed to jump-start my career in outdoor advertising.
After learning under him for thirteen years, I then decided to start my dream company, Advertange, in 2004. I make bold to say that I am 20 years in the business.

Another factor that has influenced my person, leadership style and interpersonal communication skills and general human relations is my upbringing. I was trained to be independent, never to accept defeat or think my goals and dreams are un-achievable. To achieve real success, persistence is key. Even if you are feigning it, you must maintain the trend consistently. My upbringing tells me, be a man, be yourself, be focused, never say never, be simple and humble. There is simplicity in humility, as you could lead a successful life by being humble. Let humility be your first point of call, and also love your God. Be happy with who you are.

The 'Advertange' advantage....
What sets us apart from the crowd is that we keep track with emerging trends in the industry with a view to delivering quality service at all times. We are driven by ideas, strategy, innovation and creativity. Our personnel are energetic, dynamic and passionate professionals driven by possibilities.
For us at Advertange, the business of advertising goes beyond making a sale, signing that contract, or building relationships. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to follow up promptly, follow through, and be persistent and determined. Don't give up if you are initially rejected, keep following up! Somebody once said, "a no is only a request for more information!"
We help our clients generate footfall, sales and traffic for their brands by delivering campaigns across a range of disciplines and industries for a variety of clients. We work strategically to foresee the best approach for our clients’ campaigns and our recommendations are proven to increase ROI, time and time again.
We regard ourselves as custodians charged with the responsibility of increasing the value of our clients’ brands.
We do this by developing and supplying simple, effective, innovative, cutting out-of-home marketing solutions. We will not abdicate or delegate responsibility in our quest to create unparalleled brand loyalty for our clients. Advertange Limited is staffed with seasoned, dedicated and brilliant professionals.
The company started with two key men, Razaq Zubair and Emeka Mokogwu, both of whom I am remain grateful to for their unalloyed loyalties,while they served the company. I, however, run a very open policy, while I place premium on my staff.
Our achievements...........
A few amongst the landmark campaigns Advertange Media worked are the successful transition of Vmobile to Celtel, the management of all Zain outdoor hoardings pan Nigeria, outdoor media management of all Finbank’s re-branding campaign and the deployment of shop branding, lampposts in all the southwest states for Globacom, Celtel rebranding in the entire southwest region. In the few years of our existence, we have handled enviable accounts ranging from Lagos State, Celtel, Fidelity Bank, Visafone, Nokia, Glo, Guiness, Leadway Assurance and Unilever, amongst others. While we have also pioneered second-to- none innovations in the out-of-home sector
Advertising has become an important part of the contemporary life in industrialized society due to the role it plays in the economy. In comparison to other media, outdoor advertising has a strong effect on consumers. The outdoor advertising can be segmented into four main categories: billboards, Street furniture, transit advertising, and alternative media. Advertisers find outdoor advertising as a lucrative medium to interact with their potential customers. Outdoor advertising market has outperformed in the areas where footfall is high and the potential audience is high in comparison to indoor mediums. Billboards dominate the outdoor market. The growth of the outdoor advertising market has been further fuelled up by benefits provided by digital outdoor advertising.

Global outdoor advertising revenue has been significantly increasing over the years and is expected to increase even further. The US has been the fastest growing economy in out-of-home advertisement market. The outdoor advertising penetration rate in Nigeria, and most African countries is high, as people spend more time outside their homes as a result of changing lifestyle along with increase in the number of buildings, shopping malls, bus lines, subways have provided enough opportunity to advertisers to utilize the space available for advertising.

Digital outdoor advertising also occupies significant share of the total outdoor market due to the benefits like technological improvements and increased visibility. The telecommunications sector has the highest return in local and global outdoor market. However, increasing urbanization and digitalisation are the main drivers of the market.
The Nigerian outdoor advertising industry has no doubt grown over the years. We must also appreciate the efforts of government regulatory agencies like LASAA who has change the landscape. However, there is room for improvement with regards its huge billing system, which is presently stifling the successful practice of outdoor advertising.LASAA should be a bit flexible with its policy on billing, so it can accommodate more business and make more profit without necessarily stifling
Nigerians are innovative, experimental, and ardent seekers of relevant knowledge, such that we are always on the cutting-edge with innovations, as it relates to evolving global trends.

Operational business philosophy....
Sometimes, we may feel that we have to do the big things in life to stand out from the crowd, to make a difference, but in my experience, I have found that those little things that we do on a consistent basis are usually the most powerful. Based on my own personal and professional experience, and some I have observed in other people who I admire and respect on the job. I have integrated these values in to my daily life, and the key to my success the implementation of same.
One of the principles of my life’s success is predicated on a prose poem written by an American writer, Max Ehrmann, who lived between the years 1877-1945,titled ‘‘Desiderata’’ .The text was largely known in the author’s lifetime and became widely known after its use in a devotional. My life is a reflection of the poem. The prose poem ‘‘desiderata’’ are true wise words and a great piece from a great man.
I read words of wisdom from the experts in the fields and areas of my influence, in order to improve, motivate, inspire and challenge me. We can all say we can't find the time, but this is so important to one’s personal growth. Knowledge is wisdom when applied correctly. Never stop learning. Stretch your comfort zone; do one new thing every day. Take a chance on something you have always wanted to try. Don't be afraid of being rejected, of people saying no to you, or of failing. The people who stand out from the crowd are the ones prepared to take that chance. I am not saying do something radical or fool hardy, but you can become a sensible risk taker. We all have choices and decisions to make every day. We all know the things we want to do and the things we need to do. Take some risk, defy conventional wisdom and make your own wisdom come true.
Next level........
The next level for us at Advertange, we are challenging ourselves to identify irresistible sites. We want to identify and harness Premium ‘‘blow-your-mind ‘’sites, which I have termed in local parlance, ‘Kill-and-Go ‘sites. If we have just one of such premium sites, that simply covers for a million billboards. We are also looking at partnering with major influential industry stakeholders, suppliers like I-cube West Africa, MacMillan Luxury, The Palms and Afromedia Plc amongst others, in order to churn out relevant innovative products for our clients. One of many innovative products we will be coming out with, includes the 90’’*20 LED billboard. It is the biggest so far, in any airport in Africa. We are also coming out with the reflective bus branding across South-Western Nigeria and other innovation that will shake the whole of Lagos.

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