Creative Talent Goes Beyond Dancing, Singing and Modelling, says Interior Decor/Design Expert.

Beauty is the most subjective concept in the entire universe. You have seen movies about love and relationships on a planet populated by people with two heads! Yet, they also probably have to pop that nuptial question, Will you...? Nobody ever got a quit notice for arranging his living room in a certain way, at least I am not aware of any such person!

If beauty is so subjective, why do we need lifestyle professionals to tell us (and get paid too) how to design our homes, offices, schools, churches, mosques, and other places with space?


Is space management such a complex science or a random art? Do colours match because you say they do? What colours affect our moods in certain ways? Are shapes of any significance in setting the tone and pace of the energy of a room?

Why do thousands across the world pay so much to Feng Shui masters to tell them where to place their bed or office table? Why would a painting look great on a certain wall and look grotesque on another? Above all why is the Interior Decor Industry in the world worth?

This report from www.dezeen.com says Creative Industries in the UK generate 8.8 Million Pounds per hour! Creative industries in the UK generate £8.8 million per hour

Another report courtesy Interior Designers Market Research Report | NAICS 54141 | Aug 2016, puts the US market size alone at $14 Billion.

Blooms programme_1_B

According to a 2014 report by IDAN, Interior Design Association of Nigeria, the industry in Nigeria is worth about $670 Million!

It is against this background, and the need to equip talented men and women, old and young, with professional know-how in this creative yet technical field, that Blooms Interior decor Academy has put together an intensive 4-Week Coaching programme at its workshop/showroom/Training center located at 48, Opebi Road, Ikeja. Slated to kick off on Wednesday, the 22nd of February, 2017, the programme promises to be a balance of three essentials in the industry.

  • Practical knowledge
  • Theoretical Fundamentals
  • Field Exposure

According to Mrs. Oluwafunmilola Ifebogun, founder of "Blooms Soft Furnishing"Blooms and Executive Director of Blooms Interior Decor Academy, failure to grasp any of these three essentials would lead to half baked professionals parading the streets, who at best are suppliers of furnishings and ornaments. While importers of interior decor items have their role to play, they are least equipped to balance matters of space management and overall aesthetics with the customer’s taste and above all, budget!


“The training programmes have always been a part of our schedules at Blooms, but we have now formally thrown them open to the public as our contribution to the industry.” She continued. “Now, more than ever, our talented youth need direction, and as you know they would rather make money doing what gives them joy. We are here to say it’s not only music, dancing or modeling that are creative expressions. The interior design and decor world offers a limitless opportunity for any serious practitioner. But first, learn the ropes!” she summarised.

According to her the course content includes, but is not limited to the below:

  • What is interior decoration?
  • What is interior design?
  • What is the difference between Soft and Hard furnishings, etc?
  • The Art of colours - meanings effects and combinations
  • Soft Furnishing -throw pillows ,duvets bean bags, bed-throws table covers, sachets, etc
  • Window Treatment. Curtains &"blinds.for homes and offices
  • Wall Treatment. Wall art, Wall papers, panels frames.Positioning, decor and creativity
  • Factory Practicals (All items to be used for FREE!)
  • Hands on Visit to open markets
  • Visit to suppliers,
  • Visit to sites and completed projects

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