Have you ever Imagined what an Apple Car will look like?

Designers have offered up a series of ideas about how the Apple driverless iCar might look.

The iPhone maker recently confirmed it was working on a driverless car.

And now the experts at Click Mechanic have whipped up five different models that could Apple could pass off as their own.

Click Mechanic wrote: “These five cars bring Apple classics to life in a way we’ve never seen. From the square like 80s to the smooth and sleek feel of today.”

“Whatever the design of the future iCar, it will be sure to stand as something that looks and performs like no other.”

The tech giant recently revealed that it’s “investing heavily” in driverless cars, ending years of speculation.

Project Titan was reportedly staffed by more than 1,000 engineers at top-secret labs in Sunnyvale, California. Apple also registered three domain names last year:, and

But it was shelved after a number of problems, and now Apple will focus on developing an autonomous driving system.

Tech rival Google canned its driverless car trials late last year.

But Amazon recently dropped a major hint it might be releasing a driverless car soon.

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