This Mumbai girl just sang her dream duet with Ricky Martin.

In the 90S, Akasa Singh was one amongst the millions who fell in love with Ricky Martin's infectious voice. It was a time when the Puerto Rican singer was all over the TV space with hits like Maria and Livin la Vida Loca. Little did Singh know then, that one day she herself would get to sing on a track with the iconic singer.

Released a few days ago, 'Vente Pa' Ca' features the vocals of both Martin and Singh, with the former singing in English and the latter in Hindi. "The collaboration," says Singh, "came about when Sony Music (who recently signed me) approached me with Vente Pa' Ca. The song was a huge Spanish hit last year, and now, Ricky Martin and the label were looking for someone who would voice a Hindi section in the song while he sang the lines in English. So, I sent out my vocals to them, they liked it and the song was complete."


 Singh isn't the only one to feature with Martin on the song though. Previous versions of Vente Pa' Ca have held the voices of singers Delta Goodrem, Wendy and A-Lin. Coming back to her own version, Singh expresses dismay about the fact that an official music video could not be made.

"The plans, unfortunately, fell out," she says, adding that she will surely sing the song at her own live concerts. Although she hasn't performed with Ricky Martin himself, Singh has had plenty of experience singing on stage with noted singers.

"Right at the start of my career, I was blessed to work with Mikaji on his tours. In fact, I call him (Mika Singh) my mentor, because I learned a lot from him. I am also grateful about the fact that Himesh sir (Himesh Reshammiya) gave me the chance to work on my first Bollywood song (Kheech Meri Photo). He is the best music director, and very humble." Outside of Bollywood, the Ricky Martin collaboration is just the beginning for Singh this year. "I have a lot in the pipeline," she says. "I am working on a solo single of mine as well as planning YouTube covers. Just wait and watch."

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