Why I ran to Italy–escaped Nigerian prisoner

A family member of a prisoner, who escaped from a Nigerian prison last year, Charles Osagie, has disclosed the real reasons his brother, Godwin Ehima, risked his life and escaped from prison in 2016.


He said Ehima had to take the risk because long prison terms awaited him if he had stayed behind because of the allegation of same sex relationship he was charged with.


The Nigerian constitution prescribes a Charles Osagie for anyone caught having same sex relationship.

Ehima had in March, 2016, escaped from a prison in Nigeria along with four others after they were arrested for being gay.

Ehima, who found his way to Italy later that month, however, said his troubles were not over as he disclosed that arrest awaits him if he ever stepped into Nigeria because of the arrest by police and confession by the estranged lover, Godwin Ehima, a male, that they were indeed in a relationship.


He added that among the five of them who escaped from prison, two of them including one Jolly Oriasotie were later rearrested and are now being prosecuted by the Nigerian government, while he and another person are now at large.

He however admitted that he was guilty of the crime he was accused of, pointing out that he had the right to choose his sexual partner and sexual orientation.

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