10 of the World's Most Expensive Cigars

Establishing a top 10 for cigars is akin to ranking works of art; matters of taste will inevitably conflict. Therefore, we’ve applied the loosest of criteria, looking at quality, smoker loyalty, popularity, longevity, and availability.


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Number 10- Montecristo Edmundo

It’s taken a few years to come around, but Montecristo’s Edmundo is finally living up to its expectations as a top-quality Cuban. This robusto’s gorgeous construction and flavourful Mexican Cubano wrapper are loaded with all the bitter sweetness you expect from a Monte. The Edmundo winds smooth and slow into a satisfying finish.


Number 9-Partagas Piramides Le 2000

This full-bodied torpedo stick burns like a dream. Although not for the beginner’s palate, a more mature one can’t help but savour the cinnamon, cedar, pepper, and so much more featured in this killer maduro. As a limited edition, this is an extremely tough one to find, but don’t pass it up if you do stumble upon one.

Number 8- Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperiale

The pride of the Nicaraguan cigar, Padron’s 1964 Anniversary Imperiale torpedo is a complex paragon of flavour: pepper, espresso, some coco catcalls, and a hint of cedar. Its fabulous construction and impeccable burn allow you to fully appreciate the full panoply of spices.


Number 7-La Aurora 100 Años Belicoso

La Aurora, the granddaddy of Dominican cigar makers, celebrated 100 years in business with a limited edition stick that absolutely rang bells throughout the cigar world, scoring tremendous numbers with Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider magazines. This full-bodied medley of spice, leather, wood, and more, tucked into a Dominican Corojo wrapper, commands top dollar not only because of its high quality, but because it is one of the rarest cigars in the world.  


Number 6- Cohiba Siglo VI

 The sixth and final addition to Cohiba’s La Linea 1492 commemorating Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and nicknamed the “cannon shot,” the Siglo VI toro is among the finest contemporary Cuban smokes on the market. A powerful smoke loaded with a host of wonderful flavours, this full-bodied cigar has earned its massive and loyal fan base.


Number 5- Romeo y Julieta Churchill

Named in honour of Winston Churchill, one of the brand’s most well-known and loyal devotees, this cigar doesn’t smoke like a stuffy, heavy-set Englishman with impeccable grammar. Rather, Romeo y Julieta’s flagship vitola smokes like an elegant inspiration. However, like Winston himself, this is one powerful cigar, capable of knocking over the amateur.


Number 4- Bolivar Royal Corona

 Cigar Aficionado’s No. 1 for 2006, this full-bodied Bolivar robusto is loaded with spicy character and flavour, just the kind of powerful smoke you expect from a Cuban Bolivar. Each draw seems to call forth a new set of flavours -- a fabulous new smoke each time -- winding down with a long and satisfying finish.  


Number 3- Fuente Fuente OpusX

 Arturo Fuente introduced his OpusX in 1995 and watched as a near-cult gathered behind this creamy, earthy dream. Workers only roll 75 each day -- a paragon in quality control draped in a Cuban-seed wrapper. The OpusX carries a very steep price, beginning at around  £8 (but can run as high as £50 in some places), yet few who’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the OpusX would ever dream of complaining.


Number 2- Padrón Serie 1926 No. 1

 Cigar Aficionado crowned the Padrón Serie 1926 40th anniversary in the natural wrapper as their top cigar for 2004, and some feel this to be Padron’s finest ever. And it's hard to disagree with a user review on, who wrote of the Serie 1926 in the maduro wrapper, “This cigar took me on a journey that should not be legal.”

Delivering complex, robust kinds of luscious creams, chocolates, coffee beans, and leathers, this cigar is a full-bodied beauty queen.


Number 1- Cohiba Esplendido

The Cohiba cigar was conceived by Che Guevara himself as a super-premium cigar strictly reserved for Fidel, his buddies and world dignitaries. Only women roll them, and for many years only the most powerful people smoked them. When released to the public in 1982, Cohibas were an instant sensation -- and for good reason.




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