Flying first class?This swanky bar inside Emirates A380 flight exists only to lure you


Flying first class?


Flying bars that cater to premium passengers on the world's biggest fleet of A380 jetliners are set for a saloon-style upgrade as Gulf carrier Emirates seeks to lure affluent travelers amid slowing revenue growth.


The semicircular benches will be replaced by an altogether more comfortable setup featuring a table for four located either side of the counter and below the superjumbo's windows.


The new watering holes will have room for 18 standing guests, so that drinkers can still prop up the horseshoe-shaped bar if they prefer.


And almost in anticipation of people finding it harder to drag themselves away, the areas will get soundproof curtains to separate them from adjoining first- and business-class cabins.


One table has double berths facing each other, while the other features L-shaped seating around a smaller cocktail table, with each person having their own seat belt so that they'll be able to remain in the bar even when the plane encounters turbulence.

A 'champagne' color-scheme and ambient lighting will also be used to give an 'airier look and feel', according to Dubai-based Emirates, which is enhancing its cabins after forecasting a year of flat growth as the oil-price slump continues to crimp travel to Mideast states.
While the bars are popular with traveling sports teams, most tend not to imbibe, she said. Whiskey is the favored drink on New York flights, with gin and tonic preferred on UK routes.

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