CIN Takes Training to Abuja

In its bid to improve the culture of compliance and discipline in the banking sector as part of measures to increase productivity, and strengthen growth in Nigeria’s financial industry, while also focusing on strengthening compliance in other sectors, the Compliance Institute, Nigeria (CIN) is taking its flagship training programme and workshop to Abuja for the 29th April and 6th May, 2017.

The objective of the institute is focused at sustaining the culture of compliance in Nigeria. The workshop, training and Induction; the sessions would set the framework for compliance programs, ethics and provide valuable insights for compliance professionals in the financial institutions.

According to the President, Compliance Institute, Nigeria, Pattison Boleigha, the Compliance profession is one of the “hottest” professions today and the objective of the institute is focused at sustaining the culture of compliance in Nigeria. Now, compliance and ethics professionals are a regular part of the business senior management structure, with government regulators and enforcement leaders recognising the value of compliance and ethics within organizations and institutions. This was not always the case. The recognition of the profession happened slowly and with the help of many individuals, organizations, and corporate leaders. As astute Professionals and flag-bearer for Compliance in Nigeria, we are helping to shape and guide the profession, provide an example for the compliance and business communities’’.

Continuing, “Compliance came to exist because those who came before us failed to stem the growing tide of corporate wrongdoing,” said Compliance Institute Nigeria, Chairman Partnership and Communications Committee, Compliance Institute, Nigeria, Abimbola Adeseyoju.  “It was always someone else’s problem.  The trainings and workshops organised across the country, is an opportunity for us to recognize the best and the brightest in our profession.”

The periodic training events facilitated by internationally certified Professionals, is setting a significant contribution to the growing profession of compliance and ethics in Nigeria.

The Compliance Institute for Banks and Other Financial Institutions in Nigeria, also known as “Compliance Institute, Nigeria” (CIN) was founded in 2015.

The Institute was established to encourage, promote and revive the consciousness for regulatory compliance within and outside the financial industry in the country.

The Institute seeks to create and build a body of professionals and corporate organisations from a range of industries established and recognized for integrity, professionalism and strict adherence to regulatory and non-regulatory standards in and outside the business environment.

It is the recognized body for compliance professionals within the financial industry in Nigeria. It shall draw its primary constituency from employees and directors within the financial industry while equally open to interested members of the Nigerian public. Membership of the Institute shall be considered a prerequisite for working in the compliance department of any financial institution in Nigeria.

The flagship event, an education and networking platform for professionals working in the Compliance profession across the banking industry and financial institutions in Nigeria, will play host to seasoned speakers, sessions, a full-day investigations workshop and learning tracks across—Risk, Ethics, Compliance, Case Studies, the International/Multi-National Track, and Advanced Discussion Groups.

The association  which provides resources and training to compliance professionals and champions ethical practices and compliance standards, will help Compliance Professionals not only identify on-the-job challenges, but also point to solutions that can help create more effective compliance and ethics programs.

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