Ferrari’s First Ever Office Chair, the Poltrona Frau Cockpit


Poltrona Frau has been upholstering the interiors of Ferrari cars for over 30 years since the 1980s, and has now newly introduced the Cockpit in the mix. Neither a car seat nor an actual piece of furniture, the new Poltrona Frau Cockpit brings a modern hybrid of two brands as the Maranello supercar marque pulls near its grand 70th anniversary. Call it an office chair that brings the excitement and speed of being in the driver’s seat; a passion for racing.


The cockpit is a place where concentration, quick reflexes and intuition join with a will to win. It is a space where the contact between the body and the seat creates dynamic sensations that help the driver to control the car as efficiently as possible. The Cockpit armchair has an architectural and modular structure, and offers expansion possibilities. For the moment, two versions are available – the President and the Executive. Both comprise a reclining base and seat, integrated with two different backrests. The President is the managerial model with a high backrest inspired by the ergonomics of competitive racing seats. The Executive model, a chair that adapts to all work contexts, has a deliberately low and narrow backrest to ensure more freedom of movement.


The design of the Cockpit is a synthesis of automotive innovation and inspiration, the product of Ferrari’s 70 years of experience. Every element connects with the brand’s DNA, and the materials are the same as those used in Ferrari cars, like the external shell moulded from carbon or alutex. The central band on the seat takes its cue from racing seats, while the swivel device sports the same design and mechanical elements as a Ferrari steering wheel. For the leather upholstery, the Ferrari Design Centre team has chosen shades and finishes inspired by the trim of the three Tailor-Made service lines, which allow for the personalised configuration of the car – Scuderia, Classica and Inedita. The Cockpit office chair can also be customised in terms of its colours and materials.

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