Amazing! Couple Gets Married on Mount Everest

James Sissom, 35, and Ashley Schmieder, 32, from California, literally went above and beyond to make their dream wedding a reality.


The adventurous pair hiked their way to Everest Base Camp, an impressive 17000ft above sea level, so as to fulfil their desire for a breathtaking wedding experience.

Ashley the bride tells Fox News: “After much deliberation, we decided a traditional wedding was not the right fit for us.”


So away they went, leaving friends and family behind for the perfect dream wedding. Adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill, from California, went on the fairytale journey with the couple and says; “I wanted to document a real couple getting married, the journey along the way, the pain, the happiness, the tiredness, the struggles, as well as the romantic chemistry of the couple.”


The ceremony and the venue might be unconditional, but the couple chose to retain just the right amount of culture we couldn’t admire them more as Ashley looked radiant in a figure-hugging embellished gown while James looked dashing in a suit.

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