8 Daily routine habits that are bad for your penis

Daily habits that are bad for your penis

1/9Daily habits that are bad for your penis

DAILY HABITS THAT ARE BAD FOR YOUR PENIS: Who doesn’t want a penis that is healthy? You may think that you are taking all steps possible to keep your manhood in the best of state but maybe, there are things that are jeopardizing the performance of your pecker. Following eight things can be causing you trouble in the latter matters.

You lead a sedentary life

2/9You lead a sedentary life

YOU LEAD A SEDENTARY LIFE: Research has shown that men who lead more active lives and exercise regularly had better rates of sexual function. Whereas, those who did not lead such lives and were active had lower levels of erectile and sexual function.

You smoke

3/9You smoke

YOU SMOKE: A study published in the British Journal of Urology found that 20 per cent of participants in an 8-week quit program confessed to facing erectile dysfunction. Of these, 75 per cent who stayed nicotine-free experienced better performance, firmer erection and more arousal. This helped in improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Your dental hygiene is very bad

4/9Your dental hygiene is very bad

YOUR DENTAL HYGIENE IS VERY BAD: The connection seems bizarre but research showed that if men had erectile dysfunction, the chances of them having gum disease was very high. Gum disease is seven times more common in men with ED. This is because bacteria in the mouth can travel through your body and can impact the blood vessels in your penis.

You are sleeping less than your body needs

5/9You are sleeping less than your body needs

YOU ARE SLEEPING LESS THAN YOUR BODY NEEDS: When you do not sleep enough, the levels of testosterone can go down. It causes fatigue and may even impact your muscle and bone density. All these factors affect your penis adversely.

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