Welcome to Business & Lifestyle Pulse, B&L Pulse, a different kind of magazine.

The inspiration to publish this online magazine is to satisfy the natural documentaries instinct and to cross-document various inter-related out-of-home industries.

For the singular reason that our areas of interest is a supreme delight for any serious researcher; there is surfeit of information about People in Business and Lifestyle, we find our presence timely.

As objectively as possible, we will reveal, among other things, the salient strengths and weaknesses, adventures, challenges, lifestyles and devotion of frontliners in business, to Business in Nigeria and beyond.

B&L Pulse delivers rounded content, covering varied aspects of business and lifestyle and all avenues through which advertisers are creating experiences for their stakeholders.

The B&L Pulse squad is an array of young, dynamic, creative, eclectic minds. We've put together, under one roof, a team with great ideas.

We capture the complete glee of being in business, telling stories of triumph and despair, courage, success and failure. Everything, indeed, that goes into making business so enthralling.

We also believe business gets a bad blow from the Nigerian media and from politicians of every stripe. Sometimes it is deserved - there surely are plenty of sinners in business as there are in every walk of life. But they are vastly outnumbered by the saints, the people who believe sufficiently in their dreams to get out of bed before anyone else and put in the hard yards to create a future for themselves and jobs for those they employ; the people who dream the impossible and make it a reality. This is the raw spirit of enterprise and it is the golden thread that runs through all we do.

It is a message we will be putting out each day, distributed via our online platform to the world. The goal is to be a reader’s magazine, driven by ideas offering editorials designed to inform, provoke and entertain a senior business and lifestyle audience.

Away from business, these business people also have a life outside the boardroom. B&L Pulse helps you discover their exciting lives and lifestyles.

B&L Pulse sets the trends others follow. From our online website, social networks and quarterly printed publications, we cover vibrant brands, scenes with photos and interviews of all top businessmen, celebrities, local businesses, creative and talented people.

We've made it our mission to be the ultimate source for offerings in the way of fashion, beauty, health and fitness, home and leisure, food and drink, events, live music, the arts, film, gadgets, motoring, sport, business and property.
We hope you understand and enjoy your reading.


Mission Statement

To provide our online business and lifestyle-conscious community with relevant, up-to-date news, quick-witted and editorial contents, and to strengthen the connections between individuals in their industries.


Editorial Philosophy

B&L Pulse will dedicate its platform ages to the encouragement of extraordinary creativity in best business practice(s). It will write with great flair about the latest trends and lifestyles of Nigerian and global businesses and business people, highlighting and celebrating the achievements of brands, and engineers behind them.

B&L Pulse will be the graphic representation of the verve and vigour of the new, inspired business and lifestyle space. It will be neutral in its politics and religion, but promote the best of Nigerian.
Design Philosophy

B&L Pulse will be colourful but minimalist in approach. It will feature bold and in-your-face pictures, allowing all pages appear breezy, making reading easy and enjoyable.